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  1. What is Self-hypnosis?

    2022-11-03 15:10:00 UTC

    I’ve been sitting at my desk with the single task of writing this blog and have managed to distract myself for 4 hours with everything but. I’ve checked Instagram 100 times, updated some code on my website, listened to some old coaching recordings, ate lunch, threw a squeaky toy for…

  2. Time for a mindset transformation?

    2022-10-03 16:11:00 UTC

    I just did a little count and realized that I’ve served over 500 artists in the past five years 🤯! While the majority of my clients have been commercial photographers, I’ve also consulted with stylists, reps, political activists, designers and even an acupuncturist. I’ve supported clients from Germany to Guatemala…

  3. Virtual Hypnosis

    2022-09-01 19:15:00 UTC

    I often get asked if hypnosis works virtually, and yes, it does! Hypnosis works anywhere you can be in a very relaxed theta brainwave state. You do not need to work with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist in-person in order to receive substantial, lasting benefits. In fact, all of my hypnosis…

  4. Perimenopause and Social Anxiety

    2022-08-01 18:50:00 UTC

    Women are more likely to be affected by social anxiety because we tend to be more exhaustively judged by our appearance than our male counterparts. Another reason may be a general lack of confidence in our bodily autonomy and safety. Research has shown that anxiety sharply increases in women 40+…

  5. Boundaries

    2022-06-30 22:11:35 UTC

    “Many of us often find fighting oppressive systems too grand of a notion because we feel so disempowered and disrespected in our interpersonal relationships… Start building the muscle to set boundaries with people who don’t see you and respect you in your intimate spaces. What is institutional/big, is only a…

  6. Mindset to Elevate Your Career

    2022-03-09 19:38:33 UTC

    I recently spoke on a panel for APA Atlanta: Mindset Practice - The Optimal Frame of Mind to Elevate your Career in Photography. You can watch the replay here. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in this webinar. ⚡️ We talk about anxiety, networking, introversion, intention-setting, reframing failure,…

  7. QueerTheLens

    2022-02-04 00:26:33 UTC

    If you are an LGBTQIA+ creative working  in the photo or video industries in the US Queer the Lens wants to hear from you. Queer the Lens has created a quick 5-minute survey to learn more about what kind of support you need in order to succeed. They welcome any…

  8. Hypnosis for Creative Clarity

    2021-11-12 18:33:00 UTC

    This summer I had the great honor of working with distinguished Norwegian fine art photographer, Anja Niemi, as she was creating her most recent project, The Rider I asked Anja to share a bit about her experience of working with me during this time: “I began working with Amy

  9. Energetic Marketing

    2021-11-11 17:07:17 UTC

    What is Energetic Marketing? Our clients can sense our energy not only through face-to-face interactions but also in our print and digital marketing, the tone of our voice, the tone of our copy and so much more. I recorded a short podcast about this subject (about 8 minutes long), listen

  10. Black Friday Sale 2021

    2021-11-04 22:36:04 UTC

    November 5th-9th, 2021 ONLY, all of my services are 20% off with code: TWENTYOFFYou can buy now and schedule your service later.(Must be scheduled before June 2022) 👉 Portfolio Review & Marketing Strategy ConsultationRegularly $555 • Sale Price: $444You save $111!BUY NOWRead the testimonials here, here and…

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