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  1. (Net)working for Introverts

    24 Oct 2018

    As a creative entrepreneur/freelancer/photographer you may have heard the sad news that about 85% of what you do on a daily basis is run your business - not taking photos, painting, retouching, nor shopping for throw pillows - It’s marketing, chasing invoices, updating your website/portfolio/Instagram (/blog!). It’s networking and hustling

  2. Interview

    26 Sep 2018

    “There’s no better feeling than sitting with a photographer or other artist and watching all of the light bulbs go on as we connect and work together to strengthen their business, it truly is my passion.” Read a recent interview about me with with one of my favorite clients. Thank…

  3. Stay Curious

    25 Sep 2018

    Have you noticed that as we get older we ask fewer questions? When we are kids we ask questions non-stop, but as we get older we are sometimes discouraged from asking questions or we self-censor because we don’t want to seem uninformed. But that’s how we learn- reading, experience, asking…

  4. How to write an About Me page.

    23 Aug 2018

    It’s interesting, and probably completely arbitrary how the littlest things can turn a potential client on or off to hiring you Your About Me page can be one of those things. It is likely the most visited page on your website after your homepage, and I always tell my consulting…

  5. Top Marketing Strategies for Photographers & Commercial Artists in terms of ROI

    09 Aug 2018

    While many of us are spending way too many hours in the black hole of Instagram, struggling to be perceived as relevant, trying to figure out how to make our feed look like a color wheel of perfection, following and un-following to gain followers and then sitting in FOMO and…

  6. How To Get a Photography Agent

    23 Jul 2018

    First of all, determine if you really need a rep and if they really need you For most larger, traditional photo agencies, this graphic above would be a good gauge of whether or not you need a rep. Those agencies are mostly interested in photographers who are already billing a…

  7. #DiversifyTheLens: The Importance of Hiring Female Photographers

    12 Jul 2018

    I wrote an article for my agency about the importance of hiring female photographers. You can read it here. Share your feedback with me and tag your favorite female photographers on my Instagram post.

  8. Persist.

    05 Jul 2018

    Now that we have conquered the ask, it’s time to ask again Ugh, what?! Yep. Ever hear of the rule of seven? It’s an old marketing adage that suggests that a potential client or customer needs to see your message at least seven times before they take action and…

  9. Ask For What You Want.

    22 Jun 2018

    …it isn’t so much the act of asking that paralyzes us–it’s what lies beneath: the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of rejection, the fear of looking needy or weak. The fear of being seen as a burdensome member of the community instead of a productive one.”                    ―Amanda…

  10. Tips for Communicating with Clients

    14 Jun 2018

    “Hi check out my work (website link here)” . . . I can’t tell you how many times a month I get that email to my agency inbox. No real introduction, no explanation as to why they want me to look at their work, no other call to action. Chances…

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