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  1. First Magazine

    2023-09-25 18:45:00 UTC

    I am so grateful to be featured in First For Women magazine this month speaking about how my life has been transformed by practicing EFT Tapping. I saw being interviewed for this magazine as an incredible opportunity to share the power of tapping with a broad audience, possibly many…

  2. Unravelling in Partnership

    2023-07-25 18:30:40 UTC

    Last week I was grappling with this habit seeking clarity outside of myself. When things feel uncomfortable, I start scrambling for solutions, advice, astrological explanations, hypnosis recordings, even memes, anything to “fix” what feels “bad.”After noticing this habit, I set the intention to allow myself to accept the feelings, reframe…

  3. Coaching on Money Mindset

    2023-07-10 16:05:36 UTC

    This is a coaching case study shared with permission from my client, Lauri. Lauri came to me wanting to improve her mindset around money and scarcity. Since money beliefs and identity surrounding those beliefs can be very deeply rooted, we decided to initiate a 6-session coaching plan, each session lasting…

  4. Attract Clients Fearlessly.

    2023-07-05 18:33:00 UTC

    I just finished reading The Prosperous Coach and there was some great advice that I think will apply to all of my clients who love to avoid showing up, marketing themselves, and “selling.”Here are some steps for building relationships that will feel good to both parties (modified from the book)…

  5. My Top 10 Growth Hacks for Business & Life

    2023-06-14 19:23:00 UTC

    When i’m sitting in my office, alone, trying to figure out my next move it can be daunting, often futile. Can you relate? That’s when I go to my go-to growth hacks, and today I’m sharing them with you!  These are my 10 favorite business growth hacks: 1. Reading,…

  6. Is business slowing down in 2023?

    2023-05-12 19:09:00 UTC

    How are you doing this quarter? I mean how are you really doing? A lot of people are talking about the economy and slower business right now, but is that really the case? This one might hit some nerves… Last week I told my husband I was having a mini

  7. Are your androgens affecting your business?

    2023-04-04 22:47:27 UTC

    I moved to New York City when I was 24 years old. I wore combat boots, smoked lots of cigarettes, and spent most of my time photographing rockstars. I was free of my religious southern upbringing and no one was around to tell me to ”wear something colorful!” Gag! 💀I…

  8. The Science of EFT Tapping

    2023-03-02 20:31:43 UTC

    This is a synopsis of scientific studies and updates on EFT Tapping that were presented by clinical and health psychologist, Dr. Peta Stapleton, at this year’s Tapping World Summit - A 2019 publication ( of a study supporting evidence of meridian pathways: after injection of fluorescent dyes in the acupoints…

  9. Feel Your Feelings

    2023-02-20 17:02:00 UTC

    A couple of friends reached out to me this week to let me know that they have been experiencing anxiety, something I know about all too deeply Most of us are becoming increasingly over-stimulated (on top of reemerging from two years of WTAF?) so it makes perfect sense that we…

  10. My top 3 tools of 2022

    2023-01-04 23:55:00 UTC

    We’re a week into 2023, how are you feeling? 2022 was a challenging year for me and I have been thinking about the tools that really kept me going and I want to share them with you. Hopefully these heart-centered hacks will bring you some extra support and power going…

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