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  1. Live Instagram Reviews

    29 Jul 2021

    Last week on my Free Friday Office Hours  on Clubhouse I did live reviews of photographer’s Instagram pages, listen to the replay here. Follow along here: @ruthyaro @simonsaltphoto @armonthephotographer @bry_photo @sarahjake @loganrobertsonphoto @edibleartphotography @noemiscavophotography @genparkerphoto

  2. Newsletter Tips for Commercial Photographers

    20 Jul 2021

    Last week on my Free Friday Office Hours on Clubhouse, we talked about newsletters and I did a live review. Click here to listen to the replay Newsletters reviewed: Stephen Austin Welch Nikk Rich Ryan Handt Teresa Meier Takeaways: - Understand what your goal is for each newsletter. What action

  3. About Page Tips

    14 Jul 2021

    Your About Page is your first opportunity to build trust with your future clients. Listen to my Clubhouse recording all about bios including live reviews with several photographers. Hot Tips 👉 right this way.

  4. Feeling Overwhelmed in your Business?

    30 Jun 2021

    Last week in my Free Friday Office Hours on Clubhouse we had a great discussion about overcoming overwhelm in business. Feeling like that spinning wheel of death that pops up when you have too many programs or browser tabs open on your computer? When was the last time you rebooted…

  5. Bookkeeping for Photographers

    01 May 2021

    Tanya Hirschy of Tidy Books joined me on Clubhouse for a talk about bookkeeping for photographers and stylists. Listen to the conversation here We talked about bookkeeping software, bookkeepers vs. accountants, when and how to work with a bookkeeper, organizing your finances, tax-deductible expenses and more. Listen to the…

  6. How Photographers Connect with Advertising Agencies

    25 Apr 2021

    Catch the replay of my Clubhouse talk from April 23rd here. We discussed how commercial photographers can connect with advertising agencies, portfolio review tips, and how to stay motivated with your marketing Listen now. Here are some of the questions we covered: Do you need a rep to approach

  7. Photojournalism, Equity & More with Tara Pixley

    03 Apr 2021

    This week it was such an honor to have photographer, activist and educator Tara Pixley join me on Clubhouse for my Free Friday Office Hours. We had a deep and beautiful discussion about photojournalism, equity and equality. This is a must-listen, especially for anyone working in photojournalism and…

  8. How to Work with a Producer: Hannah Soto/Grey House Productions

    19 Mar 2021

    This was such an incredible conversation about photography production with producer Hannah Soto of Grey House Productions. We talked about Covid safety and answered a ton of great questions about how to find and work with a producer from test shoots to large productions.  Listen to the Clubhouse replay here. …

  9. APA LA Episode 14 Social Media Marketing for Commercial Photographers

    25 Feb 2021

    Navigating The Unknown Episode 14 with host Andrea Stern of @AskSternRep for APA LA. This is part two of our marketing series, and we are talking about Social Media Marketing For more on marketing best practices for commercial photographers, enroll in my Commercial Photography Marketing Masterclass which includes more than…

  10. Delegate to Elevate

    12 Feb 2021

    How to delegate some of your business and personal tasks to virtual assistants so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius - with special guest Courtney Frances Find Courtney’s list of virtual assistants here. Courtney’s list of VA types and tasks. Amy’s list of photography tasks.…

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