Amy V. Cooper 

Photography Consultant

Empowering career guidance and support for commercial and editorial photographers

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I help photographers answer these common questions:

• What should my website include?

• How do I reach out to photo editors and producers?

• Who are the right people to contact at advertising agencies?

• How do I find their addresses?

• How often should I email them?

• How many images should I have in my portfolio?

• How should I be using social media? What hashtags do I use? What time of day should I post?

• Is SEO important for photographers?

• Should I have a print or iPad portfolio?

• Are photography directories worth the money?

• Where do editors find photographers?

• How do I get a meeting with an art buyer?

• Do physical print promos end up in the trash?

and so many more... 

My Passion:

Helping clients move from apprehension to confidence brings me pure joy.

Having worked as a professional photographer, editor, agent and art buyer with more than 20 years of experience, I know that I will help you see your business in a new light.

I consult with photographers of all levels of experience to better define their target market and present their work to those potential clients with confidence, clarity and consistency.

I understand that you want to be doing more work that lights you up and less of those assignments that you take solely for the paycheck.

I have a plan to help you reach your goals. 

About me.

"I chose to work with Amy because right off that bat she made me feel like she had my best interests at heart and was genuinely invested in my success and growth.  Amy from the start was interested in not just my work (images) but made a point of getting to know my goals for myself and my business. That level of investment in me as an artist/human with dreams is what solidified that she was the best person to help set me on my way to achieve my goals. Amy did a thorough, deep dive into my work and brand. She asked all the right questions, studied every inch of my website and online presence, and within the first 20 minutes of our call I already had SO MANY actionable pieces of advice that immediately changed my approach and realigned me to blaze straight away to reach my goals. This is something I should have done years ago! Best investment in my business that I’ve made to date. Thanks, Amy!!" - Lauren Pusateri, Photographer, Kansas City, MO

After working with me:

You'll have a clear understanding of who your target market is. That will be the lighthouse that guides your branding, portfolio edit, communications and marketing strategy. You will gain insight into the industry and know who to contact and how. You will have the confidence, tools and a solid plan to boost your SEO, get your work in front of editors, and attract more of the assignments you have been dreaming of. Testimonials.

The Process:

1. We start with a complimentary consultation call to make sure we click. (Calls are currently on hold until Summer 2021, join me for Free Friday Office Hours on Clubhouse to ask me anything or sign up for my newsletter to be notified when complimentary calls resume.)

2. If it’s a match, I recommend starting our journey together with a Portfolio Review & Marketing Strategy Package; we'll work together to define your goals, target market and vision.

3. I provide a thorough review of your portfolio and brand, and provide actionable advice to reach your goals.

4. You get a customized plan for reaching your ideal clients with a true ally at your side, advising and encouraging you along the way.

Other services.

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