Amy V. Cooper

Photography Consultant

Empowering, full-service career guidance and support for photographers and artists

My Passion

Helping artists move from apprehension to confidence brings me pure joy.

As a photographer, editor, agent and art buyer with more than 20 years of professional experience, I know that fresh eyes can help you see your work in a new light.

I recognize that you are unique, and that your art is central to your being. I don’t take that for granted. I’m with you every step of the way as we assess your needs, make a plan and chart your path to success—on your terms.

The Process

1. We start with a complimentary consultation call to make sure we click.

2. If it’s a match, we work together to define your goals, market and vision.

3. I provide a thorough review of your portfolio and brand and make recommendations.

4. You get a customized plan for reaching your ideal clients with a true ally at your side, advising and encouraging you along the way.

Let's dive in.

About Me

While studying photography at Parsons School of Design in New York City, I began an internship at Elle Decor magazine and was later hired on as a photo editor. In 1999 I continued my career as photo editor for MTV Networks Online, where I produced photography for shows like “Pimp My Ride” and “Laguna Beach”, and managed real-time photo coverage of the annual MTV Video Music Awards. (I even hired myself once to photograph Beyoncé!)

In 2008 I began working as an art buyer and digital asset manager in the advertising world. After close to a decade in that industry, I realized my true passion was in mentoring artists directly, so I left to open my own artist representation agency and continue my work as a photography consultant and agent representing, supporting, and empowering artists all over the United States.

I can honestly say that I truly love what I do.

Enough about me, I want to hear about you!

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