Amy V. Cooper

Mindfulness Coach + Creative Consultant

I help creative womxn & HSPs defy systems and limiting beliefs that are blocking their clarity, confidence, calmness, creativity and cash flow. I call it A Divine Rebellion.

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Shift your mindset, gain clarity, release anxiety, create better beliefs and stronger habits. I am a mindset coach incorporating Tapping (EFT), Self-Hypnosis, NLP, breathwork and positive psychology modalities. If your desire to change is greater than your desire to remain the same, you've come to the right place. Learn more.

Meditate with me on the InsightTimer app.

"After our session, I’ve felt so much more grounded and secure around navigating life and career choices I’ve been struggling with. I’ve been able to effectively move through difficult choices, spend less time overthinking others, and overall, just feel like I’m able to clearly hear my intuition." -Manny I.

Certified in hypnotherapy but not a therapist. I am a coach, not a counselor, based in Austin, Texas. About me.

Austin, Texas life coach. Photo by Annie Ray

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