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Something has to change.

Maybe it feels like no matter how hard you work, your industry and this economy are not stable enough to support your needs. Maybe you're burned out and uninspired with your work. Maybe you feel like your market is oversaturated and you're exhausted by underbidding, competing with AI,  or being ghosted by clients. Maybe you are ready to break free of the 9-5 and be your own bossOr maybe you are ready for something more purposeful and exciting... 

Whatever the path, I'm here to support your pivot.

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Release Shame, Frustration & Regret.


Understand Your Value and Skill Set.


Define Your Pivot: What You Really Want To Do Next.


Discover Opportunities: Find Your Dream Job.

"I have been a photographer for 20 years, and as the industry and my interests are changing, I am looking to pivot into a new career. I contacted Amy and we talked through what an ideal new career could look like for me. We discussed the loss and grief I feel about leaving a long and very successful career. We tapped through what I wanted, acknowledged the grief, and dismantled self-limiting beliefs. Suddenly everything felt so much more possible.  Amy's energy and expertise are exactly what I needed. She helped me gain clarity and transform my fear into excitement. If you're looking to shake things up in your career, either a small or a big pivot, Amy's workshops and 1-on-1s will help you see what is possible." - Anonymous

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📓 The Pivot Path Workshop

A Career Transition Workshop


I'm Amy V. Cooper. I haven't always been a coach. In fact, I've pivoted my career many times. I'm always reinventing myself, learning new skills, and trying new things. It's kind of what we have to do now in this world that is changing and evolving so quickly.

When I started college I was enrolled in a biochemistry curriculum, and two years in, changed my major to fashion design. By the time I graduated I wanted to be a fashion photographer. I moved to New York and landed an internship for a magazine. I worked as a Photo Editor for many years while also building a celebrity portrait portfolio, began studying film to become a Music Video Director, and even dabbled in astrology on the side. Then I went into advertising. I worked as an Art Buyer and Digital Asset Manager for many years before questioning my purpose and launching an all-womxn Photography Representation Agency. My agency became known for our stellar roster of hair and makeup artists just before Covid hit. Less than a year later I found myself as one of the top Commercial Photography Consultants in the U.S.... But I was still learning. I acquired certifications in coaching, hypnosis and eft tapping so that I could empower my clients with tools to transform their mindset. And here we are. If anyone knows a pivot, it's me. 

I wonder what's next...

If you are looking for some peace and clarity around your next career move, I'm here to support you. I have developed a process to help my clients release what is keeping them stuck and move towards the next step on their career path.

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