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  1. How To Love Marketing When You Hate Marketing, Part 2

    2020-03-11 16:41:00 UTC

    So many of you relay to me how uncomfortable it is to sell yourself So let’s stop doing it. Yeah, really! Listen to the podcast or watch the video. If you missed Part 1, you can catch it here. Need help figuring out how to make your photography marketing feel…

  2. How To Name Your Image Files

    2020-03-09 22:29:00 UTC

    One of my photographer clients asked me about best practices for naming image files for her clients. Having been responsible for naming and filing images as a photo editor, art buyer and digital asset manager for 20 years, I have a lot to say about it Listen to the podcast…

  3. How To Love Marketing When You Hate Marketing, Part 1

    2020-03-03 00:47:57 UTC

    I know how much many of you dislike working on your business, marketing yourself, thinking about content calendars and engagement and cold calls… I feel you.  Let’s do something different, let’s make it fun! Listen to the podcast or watch the video. Block an entire day to work only on…

  4. Q&A: Mailing Photography Promos

    2020-02-16 20:03:34 UTC

    I’ve fielded some great questions about sending promos in the mail this week. I wanted to share some of my responses with all of you Q: I’m sending out print promos to some places where there are multiple people I want to reach within the same company. Is it bad

  5. Photography Agents

    2020-02-06 17:02:56 UTC

    For my March Photography Marketing Guide I interviewed Annie Campbell, Senior Agent and Partner at Altered Agency, about how to request meetings and portfolio reviews. After our interview, we decided to keep the tape rolling on a candid discussion about representation “I’m looking for photographers with a point of view

  6. x SIMONE Promo

    2020-02-05 01:13:25 UTC

    Minnesota Photographer Simone Lueck has created a unique promo notebook with photos from her most recent personal project. I love the use of actual comments, tags, and hashtags from Simone’s Instagram posts, genius Simone, it was such an honor to follow your progress on this project, I can’t wait…

  7. Pitching Photography Projects to Magazines and Blogs

    2020-02-03 18:05:00 UTC

    Listen to my interview with PR expert Sara Hussey about pitching stories to magazines and blogs. While Sara’s experience is more in the realm of pitching lifestyle stories for her clients, she has some really fantastic advice on best practices when drafting a submission, who to contact, how to find…

  8. Best Practices for Submitting Work to Magazines

    2020-01-22 22:00:41 UTC

    Submitting photography stories, series, and pitching ideas to magazines and blogs can be a great foot in the door as well as helpful in generating more exposure to your work. With magazines cutting costs, issues, and staff more than ever, submissions and external pitches are becoming more common as they…

  9. Why you should have an email opt-in on your website

    2020-01-16 16:28:31 UTC

    You hear it all the time, your customers cannot exist solely on social media. You don’t own your Instagram content, Facebook isn’t going to wrap up your profile and deliver a list of your followers to you when it eventually goes the way of Myspace or Vine. LinkedIn, TikTok…

  10. Yes, Girl, Raise Your Rates!

    2020-01-13 21:30:34 UTC

    This one’s for the ladies. Ladies, sit down. I can’t tell you how many photographers I’ve had ask me if they should raise their rates (and it’s not my gentlemen clients asking me for this permission.) I’m afraid to ask for more. I don’t want to upset my existing clients.

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