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  1. A Post-Worthy Leave-Behind

    29 May 2019

    I was impressed with all of the talent that I had the honor of reviewing at the Palm Springs Photo Festival earlier this month, but one leave-behind in particular made a big impression on me When NYC product photographer Lilia Cretcher arrived at my table for her review, the first…

  2. Palm Springs Photo Festival

    18 May 2019

    Take me back! 🌴  I had such an incredible time at the Palm Springs Photo Festival this month. I highly recommend it and will be doing my best to return in 2020! If you missed it, there were some great symposiums and evening presentations which were live-streamed that you can…

  3. A List of Photography Directories & Source Books

    30 Apr 2019

    This is a working list of photography and illustration directories, source books, apps (and other services.) Workbook Directory of Illustration Found Artists At-Edge LeBook Wonderful Machine BLVD Artists Production Paradise Komyoon PhotoPolitic EqualLens GirlGaze Diversify Photo Authority Collective Women Who Draw Please contact me if you would like to add…

  4. How to Survive a Portfolio Review

    15 Apr 2019

    I’ve had several clients reach out to me this month for advice on preparing for portfolio reviews. Here are a few tips 1. Set an intention for how you want to feel during and after your review rather than setting a specific expectation or tangible outcome. I.E. ”I

  5. Spring News

    07 Apr 2019

    Happy Spring!  I have lots of news and events to share with you as we head in to the second quarter. - If you haven’t yet, check out my Photoshoot Checklist blog and let me know what you think. Did I forget anything? Email me or send me a DM…

  6. Photoshoot Checklist

    21 Mar 2019

    This month I have been working with my client, Simone, who commissioned me to be her guide for a 12-month reboot of her website and marketing strategy. One of her goals is to produce a new body of work based on her love for shooting mature women in seriously glorious…

  7. You’re not crazy, it’s all arbitrary.

    20 Feb 2019

    The more art buyers, editors, and creative directors I meet and work with, the more I realize that there are no absolutes in marketing creative services The good news- do what works for you. If you are uncomfortable cold-calling people, they will be able to tell. If you hate social…

  8. Email Marketing for Commercial Photographers & Illustrators

    03 Feb 2019

    Email marketing is still one of a commercial artist’s best tools in terms of return on investment. While face-to-face meetings will always rule, email, if done right, can be a close second Last year I wrote about how email is mostly ”undisturbed by the soul-crushing algorithms of social media.” It’s…

  9. 2019 Marketing Calendar for Commercial Creatives

    02 Jan 2019

    Happy New Year! I’ve got a great feeling about 2019. I am so excited to finally offer my Marketing Calendar Package to the masses this year! Many of my consulting clients ask for guidance in marketing their business, especially with the when and how often. I’ve spent a lot…

  10. SALE!

    27 Dec 2018

    Pals, I’m offering 20% off all of my consulting packages if you book between now and December 31st (pay now, schedule later.) Ready for that website edit so you can blaze in to 2019 like a boss and make stacks and stacks of cash? Need someone to hold you accountable…

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