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  1. Exploring Subconscious Intelligence for Creative Expansion

    2024-02-06 20:03:35 UTC

    In my hypnotherapy work, I usually begin by guiding my clients to a safe place created by their imagination. It’s a basecamp where the mind can return at any point in the subconscious journey, a staging area that provides a beautiful and secure space to rest and acclimate before ascending…

  2. 50 Lessons from 50 Years

    2023-12-21 23:42:00 UTC

    I know absolutely none of you are going to believe it when I tell you I am turning 50 today! What?! I know. This skin! This hair! It must be a gross miscalculation… but I double checked my ID I never make a big deal out of my own birthdays…

  3. My Top 10 Growth Hacks for Business & Life

    2023-06-14 19:23:00 UTC

    When i’m sitting in my office, alone, trying to figure out my next move it can be daunting, often futile. Can you relate? That’s when I go to my go-to growth hacks, and today I’m sharing them with you!  These are my 10 favorite business growth hacks: 1. Reading,…

  4. Is business slowing down in 2023?

    2023-05-12 19:09:00 UTC

    How are you doing this quarter? I mean how are you really doing? A lot of people are talking about the economy and slower business right now, but is that really the case? This one might hit some nerves… Last week I told my husband I was having a mini

  5. Are your androgens affecting your business?

    2023-04-04 22:47:27 UTC

    I moved to New York City when I was 24 years old. I wore combat boots, smoked lots of cigarettes, and spent most of my time photographing rockstars. I was free of my religious southern upbringing and no one was around to tell me to ”wear something colorful!” Gag! 💀I…

  6. Mindset to Elevate Your Career

    2022-03-09 19:38:33 UTC

    I recently spoke on a panel for APA Atlanta: Mindset Practice - The Optimal Frame of Mind to Elevate your Career in Photography. You can watch the replay here. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in this webinar. ⚡️ We talk about anxiety, networking, introversion, intention-setting, reframing failure,…

  7. Hypnosis for Creative Clarity

    2021-11-12 18:33:00 UTC

    This summer I had the great honor of working with distinguished Norwegian fine art photographer, Anja Niemi, as she was creating her most recent project, The Rider I asked Anja to share a bit about her experience of working with me during this time: “I began working with Amy

  8. About Page Tips

    2021-07-14 14:55:53 UTC

    Your About Page is your first opportunity to build trust with your future clients. Listen to my Clubhouse recording all about bios including live reviews with several photographers. Hot Tips 👉 right this way.

  9. How Photographers Connect with Advertising Agencies

    2021-04-25 21:55:48 UTC

    Catch the replay of my Clubhouse talk from April 23rd here. We discussed how commercial photographers can connect with advertising agencies, portfolio review tips, and how to stay motivated with your marketing Listen now. Here are some of the questions we covered: Do you need a rep to approach

  10. Photojournalism, Equity & More with Tara Pixley

    2021-04-03 18:14:00 UTC

    This week it was such an honor to have photographer, activist and educator Tara Pixley join me on Clubhouse for my Free Friday Office Hours. We had a deep and beautiful discussion about photojournalism, equity and equality. This is a must-listen, especially for anyone working in photojournalism and…

  11. APA LA Episode 14 Social Media Marketing for Commercial Photographers

    2021-02-25 23:45:16 UTC

    Navigating The Unknown Episode 14 with host Andrea Stern of @AskSternRep for APA LA. This is part two of our marketing series, and we are talking about Social Media Marketing For more on marketing best practices for commercial photographers, enroll in my Commercial Photography Marketing Masterclass which includes more than…

  12. Delegate to Elevate

    2021-02-12 20:22:22 UTC

    How to delegate some of your business and personal tasks to virtual assistants so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius - with special guest Courtney Frances Find Courtney’s list of virtual assistants here. Courtney’s list of VA types and tasks. Amy’s list of photography tasks.…

  13. Portfolio Review Roulette - January

    2021-01-30 00:35:00 UTC

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for Portfolio Review Roulette! We connected with photographers in Spain, Uruguay, Ireland, Germany and the U.S.! Watch the replay here Thank you to photographers Javier Diez, Shantré Pinkney, Matías Chiminelli, and Ella Sophie for sharing your work. Subscribe to my newsletter for more free…

  14. LinkedIn for Photographers

    2021-01-17 22:05:00 UTC

    If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn page in a while, you may be missing out on some great opportunities. LinkedIn is not the same platform that it was two years ago. There are some great new features, and LinkedIn is where advertising creatives hang out.  Copywriter and content…

  15. APA Los Angeles Webinar on Websites for Photographers

    2020-12-15 15:05:43 UTC

    Thank you to Andrea Stern of @AskSternRep for inviting me to be a guest on the APA Los Angeles Navigating The Unknown series discussing best practices for commercial photography websites. Watch the replay here.  FYI, portions of the audio may be difficult to understand, so I’ve filled in the…

  16. Portfolio Review Roulette - November

    2020-11-15 16:36:14 UTC

    Watch the replay of November’s Portfolio Review Roulette Portfolio Review Roulette is a live speed review for professional photographers, agents, and stylists hosted by Photography Consultant Amy V. Cooper. Join my newsletter to be notified of the next live review opportunity. If you are interested in a private portfolio review,…

  17. In Conversation with Catherine Couturier

    2020-09-15 22:28:31 UTC

    Interview with fine art photography gallerist Catherine Couturier of the Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston, TX Some of the topics we covered:  • How photographers can get noticed by galleries• How commercial and fine art work should be separated• How galleries work with photographers to promote and sell their prints…

  18. How To: Virtual Portfolio Reviews

    2020-08-09 18:10:53 UTC

    If physical distancing has done any good for the photography world it has been the vast widening of access to information as well as online portfolio reviews I’ve recognized an increase in opportunities for photographers to be seen by photo reps, at photo festivals and in online portfolio reviews…

  19. In Conversation with Jessica Arroyo

    2020-08-08 03:09:00 UTC

    Central Texas based portrait photographer Jessica Arroyo joins me for a conversation about her career which began with falling in love with photography after receiving a Holga in college. After 8 years of shooting weddings she now focuses on intimate portraits and personal projects. Jessica shares some beautiful stories, images…

  20. What Is A Photography Treatment?

    2020-07-02 18:22:00 UTC

    Advertising agencies and larger brands may request that photographers being considered for a project submit a creative proposal or photography treatment Today I am speaking with creative director, writer, artist and activist Erica Boynton. Erica has directed campaigns for HBO, Absolut Vodka, Target, and many other brands. We are…

  21. Make Make Make Podcast

    2020-05-31 18:29:51 UTC

    Thanks to Josh Baker for inviting me to be a guest on the Make Make Make Podcast We discuss how to jump to the next level with your photography business, the importance of being in community, fear of failure, money, marketing and so much more. Listen to the podcast here…

  22. In Conversation with Cedric Terrell

    2020-05-25 17:08:03 UTC

    Los Angeles based lifestyle and fashion photographer Cedric Terrell joins me for a beautiful conversation about finding your light, how to market yourself, and shooting during Covid-19 Cedric’s unique background in the military not only inspired his photography career but also informs how he is able to problem solve so…

  23. In Conversation with Martine Séverin

    2020-05-13 16:50:53 UTC

    Chicago based fashion and lifestyle photographer Martine Séverin joins me this week for an intimate interview about her journey from Haiti to Central Saint Martins to Chicago. Martine shares some of her best advice and talks about her Sony Alpha Female Grant, navigating quarantine as a photographer and parent, and…

  24. In Conversation with Shannon Van Horn

    2020-05-01 20:59:00 UTC

    This week I interviewed Los Angeles based celebrity makeup artist Shannon Van Horn. We talk about how photographers can prepare to work with a makeup artist on commercial shoots, how to build hair and makeup time in to your shoot schedules, best practices for test shoots, virtual makeup artistry, how…

  25. How To Name Your Image Files

    2020-03-09 22:29:00 UTC

    One of my photographer clients asked me about best practices for naming image files for her clients. Having been responsible for naming and filing images as a photo editor, art buyer and digital asset manager for 20 years, I have a lot to say about it Listen to the podcast…

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