Mindset to Elevate Your Career

I recently spoke on a panel for APA Atlanta: Mindset Practice - The Optimal Frame of Mind to Elevate your Career in Photography. You can watch the replay here. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in this webinar. ⚡️

We talk about anxiety, networking, introversion, intention-setting, reframing failure, imposter syndrome and so much more. There’s also a fantastic visualization exercise with Ethan King at the end of the recording.

I recorded a tapping for photographers to complement the webinar. Tap along with me here to improve your mindset! Be sure to comment with your starting and ending numbers, and I would love to hear any feedback you have about the practice. 

Are you exhausted by your crappy mindset? Let’s hack it together. Choose from my new Mindset Menu:

 ⚡️ Mindset Transformation Package
👁 Introductory Coaching Session
✨ Guided Self-hypnosis for Creative Clarity
🙏 Mental Spa Day

“Beyond Amy’s highly skilled integration of self-optimization tools, her presence and pure intention to support and uplift is deeply felt. …thanks to the grace of Amy’s astute facilitation of tapping and hypnotherapy, I was able to sooth my nervous system and regain capacity to navigate the challenges I was facing. I am forever grateful! “ - Tana Jay von Isser

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Amy V. Cooper is a Creative Business Mentor & Mindset Coach based in Austin, Texas.

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