What Is A Photography Treatment?

Advertising agencies and larger brands may request that photographers being considered for a project submit a creative proposal or photography treatment.

Today I am speaking with creative director, writer, artist and activist Erica Boynton. Erica has directed campaigns for HBO, Absolut Vodka, Target, and many other brands. We are talking about the process of how clients hire photographers and what should be included in a photography treatment.

A treatment will usually be a PDF or PPTX and will include:

1. How a photographer plans to approach the shoot. 

2. Related images from their portfolio and/or a mood board.

3. A short bio or personal introduction and why the photographer is a good fit for the project. Show your personality!

I recommend that photographers give a little bit of detail about how they plan to light the images, location ideas, and any other relevant details that they are willing to share about potential talent, styling, backdrops, props, post-production or retouching. You don’t want to give it all away but if the project is being triple-bid (three photographers are being considered for the shoot), you may want to provide more details and photos with your treatment in order to stand out.

Not all clients will request a formal photography treatment, but if you have time to put together a visual proposal it can show them that you are truly interested in the job and maybe even increase your chances of being hired.

Listen to my conversation with Erica here.

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