How Photographers Connect with Advertising Agencies

Catch the replay of my Clubhouse talk from April 23rd here. We discussed how commercial photographers can connect with advertising agencies, portfolio review tips, and how to stay motivated with your marketing.

Listen now.

Here are some of the questions we covered: Do you need a rep to approach an ad agency? How do you find out what brands agencies are working with? Who should photographers reach out to at an ad agency (titles to target)? How to approach and keep in touch with ad agencies? There is SO much more on this topic in my Commercial Photography Marketing Masterclass. (Now 50% off! No code needed.)

How to stay motivated with marketing: Do you feel a lot of resistance when it comes time to reach out to new potential clients (I.e., to get your marketing tasks done)? One of the reasons for that may be because your subconscious mind believes that there will not be any instant gratification. Marketing (or Relationship Building) in this industry can be a long game, so how do we stay motivated?

The answer: cultivate energy. It requires a lot of energy to change a belief, to stay motivated. So how do we create this energy? This is what we discuss in the second half of the recording. Listen now.

I quoted from Grace Smith’s book: Close Your Eyes… Lose Weight.

Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation on Clubhouse and weighed in with their experiences and tips!

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