Hypnosis for Creative Clarity

This summer I had the great honor of working with distinguished Norwegian fine art photographer, Anja Niemi, as she was creating her most recent project, The Rider.

I asked Anja to share a bit about her experience of working with me during this time:

“I began working with Amy using hypnosis to overcome some of the fear I felt when riding horses. I have been working through some trauma caused by a riding accident that I had as
a child, and I felt I couldn’t move past it. After our first session I noticed that it really helped me feel calmer when riding, it was such a nice surprise. My fear wasn’t completely gone, but I felt capable of suspending it which made such a difference to my ride…

While working on my photography series, The Rider, I met some challenges midway through the production. I could not see things as clearly as I normally do because the project was so close to my own personal story. I couldn’t find my direction and it became difficult to separate myself from my character (although ultimately it turned out that I did not need to).  Amy suggested we try another session of hypnosis to see if we could focus my mind and gain some clarity. 

Going into this session I was really frustrated and tired. Everything felt so tangled in my mind.  I let Amy guide me as well as I could, and I was really impressed with what happened! It was as if she sharpened my mind, I was able to  let go of everything I did not need to see.

Hypnosis is very similar to meditation in many ways, but with a guide, and with Amy, a very comforting and calming guide.  I felt relaxed and focused which was exactly what I

Amy helped me navigate through my ideas in a calm space. I was able to visualize my project more clearly without the clutter of emotions I was having. After our almost two-hour
session I felt completely exhausted but amazed at what we were able to uncover. What I needed to see was all there, I already had all of the answers but Amy’s guidance helped me untangle my thoughts. 

Based on my experience I believe that hypnosis can be a tool to help creative people sort through ideas to gain clarity. As artists, we often work alone, and having a partner to work through blocks can be truly valuable. It was so helpful to have this experience of clearing things up after a long time of being alone in my creative process. It was a welcome cleansing of the mind. ”


The Rider  is on view at The Ravestijn Gallery  in Amsterdam 30 October 2021 - 8 January 2022 and will also be on view in Los Angeles at Galerie XII in 2022.

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I am certified in hypnosis by the International Association of Counselors & Therapists and by Grace Smith.

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