Consultation Services

Portfolio Review

Perfect for:

  • photographers
  • illustrators
  • makeup artists
  • hair, prop and clothing stylists
  • artists in editorial and commercial fields
  • students

What’s Included: 

  • A process to define your goals, strengths, opportunities for improvement and target market
  • A review of your portfolio and/or website, digital presence, and existing marketing strategy
  • One-hour consultation (phone or online) to discuss editing suggestions, recommendations for strengthening your portfolio or website
  • A customized marketing guide
  • A written review with additional tips and resources to help you reach your goals


  • Packages start at $375
  • Additional time can be booked on an hourly basis
  • In-person reviews are also available for an additional fee

Website & Portfolio Editing

Once you have completed your portfolio review, we can work together to edit your portfolio or website to clearly convey your identity as an artist and your professional brand.

This may include culling from a large body of work to define your style and showcase your strongest images.

Service billed at an hourly rate; approximate quote will be provided at the time of request.

Marketing Support

Once your portfolio and website are in order, it’s time to make a plan to reach clients and make some money!

Using your marketing outline, we’ll create a clear and actionable plan to market your business over the year; Working with email, print, and networking strategies, I’ll help you choose the best images, advise on design, and suggest ways to effectively communicate with your future clients.

Service billed at an hourly rate; approximate quote will be provided at the time of request.

#GOALS Accountability

Success happens when strategy is practiced with consistency. I’m here to keep you on track.

We'll continue to refine your personal and business goals with specific, actionable steps in an attainable timeline, and dig into the WHY of your goals to keep you motivated.

After an initial 60- to 90-minute meeting, and we will continue to meet monthly for 30 minutes... At the end of our journey together, we celebrate your hard work and your success.

Two Goals packages are available, six months and one year. The investment for a six-month package is $450 or $825 for one year.

Custom packages are available to meet your individual needs and budget starting at only $125. All services are available à la carte.

Terms & Conditions

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