LinkedIn for Photographers

If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn page in a while, you may be missing out on some great opportunities. LinkedIn is not the same platform that it was two years ago. There are some great new features, and LinkedIn is where advertising creatives hang out

Copywriter and content strategist Liz Feezor joined me for an interview about using LinkedIn’s new features. This was my most popular interview of 2020 so I’m resharing it for everyone to enjoy. Click here to watch the video.

Here’s a taste of what we cover:

-How to affect the LinkedIn algorithm

-Why LinkedIn is useful for photographers to get discovered

-Creating native content for LinkedIn

-Tips for writing a great ‘about’ section

-Recommendations & Endorsements features

-LinkedIn Premium - is it useful?

-Best Practices for connecting with others

-Profile & background photos

-Tips for Headline, Contact Info, Featured Content and other sections in your personal profile

We also shared our screen for a ‘live’ review of a professional commercial photographer’s LinkedIn page.

This interview and many others are available in my Commercial Photography Masterclass.

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