Art producers still love your print promos.

While I was working as an art buyer at the ad agency T3, I had days when I was so busy that I would literally push my entire stack of mail directly into the recycling bin as soon as it hit my desk. Real talk. But when a promo stood out, I opened it. Sometimes I even saved it.

Did you see the Jason Myers promo that APhotoEditor shared? Mic drop. That guy’s promo will lovingly cradle some creative director’s beers for years to come. (Yes, you can and should mail your photo promos to APE!)

I know not all of us can afford to send custom coolers to our clients, but there are other ways to stand out - colorful packaging, something a little extra, something more than a standard size postcard with one image. Large format promos, hand-written addresses and notes always stood out to me as an art buyer. And I’m a big fan of finding the perfect stamp and seal or washi tape when helping my clients create their print promos.

Need help brainstorming a standout marketing piece? Yep, I got you.

One of my favorite promos that I ever received was this coffee themed package by photographer Inti St. Clair. It was so brilliantly designed and edited, plus, who working in advertising doesn’t love/desperately need coffee? I was psyched, and I am in still in touch with Inti four years later.

Make it fun. Marketing can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Please reach out if you have any questions about marketing your photography services, be it emails, print promos, how to get meetings, how to find client contact information, SEO, social media…


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