Socially Distanced Business Tasks for Photographers

As I am writing this, we are in the thick of coronavirus isolation and many of my clients are not sure how to move forward with their businesses. Some of you are still working and some of you are at a standstill. Some of you are feeling excited about the challenge to innovate and are coming up with new ways to shoot and new offerings for your own clients. Some of you are on the couch with pizza and pets. There’s no guidebook for what is happening, so however you are choosing to deal with it is the right way. Trust your instincts.

Last week I was listening in on one of a series of Where We Are Now webinars being hosted by Workbook and Dear Art Producer.  The question came up, should photographers be promoting themselves right now? The answer was a careful yes.

Yes, if you are feeling good, keep working on your business. Assignments will come back. Self-promotion at this time, in my opinion, should be selfless, genuine, listening-mode, solution-oriented, helpful, positive. 

I’m talking more about this in my April marketing strategy guide.

Here are some great, isolation-friendly marketing, business, and personal tasks that photographers can tackle at a safe distance from other humans:

- Update your website (seo, portfolio edits, about page, blog, etc.)

- Update your social media profiles (profile image, bio, location, connections, engagement, links, get social!)

- Study your analytics

- Create an about me video for your website or social media

- Start planning and designing a print promo for end of summer

- Send thoughtful, personal check-in emails to your clients

- Check in with your crew, ask how you can help them

- Update or create new legal documents, estimating and licensing terms (Force Majeure, anyone? NDAs, insurance, etc.)

- Host a virtual portfolio review

- Update your studio with more virtual/remote technology

- Plan how you will make your future productions more safe/sanitary (and let your clients know)

- Create a YouTube or IGTV series

- Organize your image libraries, let your clients know if you have image libraries available for licensing

- Put some prints up for sale

- Join a stock agency to sell your images

- Promote other friends and businesses 

- Create an online course

- Look for someone to mentor

- Implement a new accounting software, work on your budget

- Plan and schedule your marketing for an entire year (my guide is half-price right now!)

- Hire a consultant for a portfolio review or fresh edit 

- Start planning, edit or shoot a personal project

- Update your images on any photo directories that you are a part of

- Submit pitches for editorial publication

- Start a Pinterest board of new people or brands you want to collaborate with

- Update your CRM or contact lists

- Take a class (editing, lighting, styling, video, animation, language, learn a new skill or try a completely different type of photography)

- Offer drive-by portraits to your friends or neighbors

- Watch a documentary or read a book about one of your favorite photographers (this one by Sally Mann is a favorite)

What are you doing to stay occupied? Are you still shooting? I want to hear from you. Let me know.

If you are not in the head space to work right now, please be compassionate with yourself. I know this is especially difficult for parents. No one expects you to come out of this with a perfectly re-organized office or a ground-breaking personal project completed. Take care of you, rest, exercise, wash your hands, repeat.


P.S. Don’t forget, I have a list of financial and emotional support resources that I am updating daily. I would love for you to share this link with other photographers, creatives, freelancers, and small business people. Please reach out if there is anything I can help you with or promote for you. If you would like to jump my calendar for a free call, I’d love to chat with you.

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