Email Marketing for Commercial Photographers & Illustrators

Email marketing is still one of a commercial artist’s best tools in terms of return on investment. While face-to-face meetings will always rule, email, if done right, can be a close second.

Last year I wrote about how email is mostly ”undisturbed by the soul-crushing algorithms of social media.” It’s also an important tool in following up on meetings and physical promos.

In my 2019 Marketing Guide, I map out how often to email clients and when to email them after promos have been sent or portfolio reviews come to a close. I always suggest personalized and direct emails whenever possible, but for potential clients whom you have not yet met, a quarterly mailing or “email blast” is recommended. These e-blasts will also help remind your current clients that you are working and available.

There are a lot of great email services where you can build your lists, design beautiful emails easily, and automatically track who is opening and clicking through your emails. These services will also have blogs and tips about content, buttons, subject lines, and calls-to-action. I love MailChimp, personally. It’s easy to set up and design with, but I’d love to hear what’s working for you, let me know!

Quick tips for email marketing:

-Personalize whenever possible.

-Keep it simple. More images than words, although…

-If you have a great story to tell, tell it!

-If you are attaching PDFs or images, keep the total email size as far below 10mb as you can.

-Be very clear about who you are, what you do, and where you do it, every time.

-Make sure your contact information stands out.

-Include a call-to-action.

I personally think that emailing every month is excessive and may lead to unsubscribes. I recommend quarterly emails with an additional e-blast from time to time if you have a special announcement or exciting new work that you can’t wait to share.

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Hey, I’m rooting for you!


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