Visualize Your Dream Assignment

One of my favorite exercises that I do with my clients is plotting their dream assignment.

It has been noted in endless books and studies that writing down your goals, visions for your best life (in as much detail as possible), and sharing those dreams and details with others makes you a lot more likely to achieve those goals.

What does your dream assignment look like? 

Who is the client? Where are you shooting? What are you styling? What does the air smell like? Who is on your dream team? What color are you painting with? 

Which lashes are you flawlessly gluing to the glowing lids of Liu Wen’s beautiful eyes? 

How much are you getting paid? How do you celebrate when the assignment is published on a billboard in -enter major city hub here- ? 

Go big with your dream.

And then call your closest 5 friends and tell them every juicy detail of what you are about to manifest. (The friends who believe in you and will hold you accountable.) “They” also say, the more people you tell about your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Once you see all of these details clearly, it’s time to map out how to get there.

I can help.

Would you like to share your dream assignment with me in a free consultation call? Why not schedule one now?

I’m rooting for you!


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P.S. Pictured above was my dream assignment. In 2006 I was commissioned to photograph Evanescence in Montreal at a historic exclusive neo-renaissance social club, founded in 1926. I had free-rein of the ornate ballrooms and vintage furniture, three assistants, one of the best fashion stylists from New York with racks of couture (hi Sarah!), and a set designer that made all of our wildest goth dinner table desires in to vintage knife and broken pomegranate dreams come true. 

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