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  1. The Science of EFT Tapping

    2023-03-02 20:31:43 UTC

    This is a synopsis of scientific studies and updates on EFT Tapping that were presented by clinical and health psychologist, Dr. Peta Stapleton, at this year’s Tapping World Summit - A 2019 publication ( of a study supporting evidence of meridian pathways: after injection of fluorescent dyes in the acupoints…

  2. Mindset to Elevate Your Career

    2022-03-09 19:38:33 UTC

    I recently spoke on a panel for APA Atlanta: Mindset Practice - The Optimal Frame of Mind to Elevate your Career in Photography. You can watch the replay here. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in this webinar. ⚡️ We talk about anxiety, networking, introversion, intention-setting, reframing failure,…

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