Call me, maybe.

Quick reminder: make it easy for people to contact you.

Something I see with many of my clients is that they don’t post their contact info on their websites or social media pages. I mean, do you even want a job? ;)

In the past, many of us (guilty!) have avoided putting our email addresses on our websites for fear of getting spammed. Contact me: amy (at) amyvcooper (dot) com. #tbt

Hopefully our evolved email spam blockers are now managing those fears.

Having a form on your contact page is fine, but why not make it a lot easier by posting and hyperlinking your email address and phone number? People are busy, make it easy! 

Your whole website should be easy to view, understand, and navigate. Bonus points for having your contact info right there on your home page.

Another thing I have noticed, photographers and other artists not wanting to put their location on their websites or social media. We know you ”will travel,” but not knowing where you are based can be super annoying to photo editors and art producers, and actually cost you a job. This is especially important for photographers and stylists, maybe less so for illustrators and graphic designers that tend to work remote.

So, if you are a photographer in Bend, Oregon, or a stylist in Lafayette, Louisiana, say it loud and proud… and also in your Instagram bio because, someone is looking for you.

One last thing, all of this contact information should also be in your email signature. Website, phone number, @Instagram handle. Easy.

Hey #ImRootingForYou!


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