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Learn all about what photography representation agents look for when adding new photographers to their rosters. Discover if you are ready for representation, how to find the right agency for you, and if representation is right for you.

I will share my extensive knowledge about how agencies look for artists, what agencies do for their artists, how much commission they take, what their contracts include, as well as red flags to look out for.

You will gain advice on improving your portfolio, website, social media and communication to attract and land a photo rep.

When you finish this course, you will be armed with information, language and confidence to take the next steps towards landing a rep or expanding your business on your own.

This course includes two video lessons; an hour video lecture workshop and an additional question and answer video. There are also downloadable resources including 101 Questions to Ask a Rep and a collection of scripts that you can use when contacting reps.

You can also ask me any additional questions you might still have through the learning platform!

This course is best for commercial photographers who have some experience working on advertising assignments with production teams, but this is not a requirement. While this course focuses on commercial photography representation, much of this course will be valuable for other types of commercial artists seeking representation as well (illustrators, directors, stylists, hair and makeup artists, etc.)

Let's get you ready for a rep! Start learning.

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I hear a lot of reasons for why photographers want a rep; wanting to appear more "legitimate" to "bigger" clients, wanting someone to negotiate for you, maybe you want someone to find you jobs, do your marketing, handle production.

When you start dating a rep, you'll want to get really clear and specific on what you want them to do for you and then discover what they are offering (and what they are good at!) Signing with a rep truly is like a marriage. If you expect your partner to do the cooking, can they? Do they even want to? And what are your tasks going to be?

When I was a rep, I loved marketing; creating newsletters, sending out print promos, nurturing relationships, scouring the web for contact info and hosting events, but I never wanted to be a producer (it was something I was happy to outsource.)

I also understood the importance of my artists meeting with clients directly (they want to know the creative person who is going to show up on set). So, I set expectations for my artists to do their own marketing and relationship-building in tandem.

I'd love to help you understand what questions you need to be asking yourself and your future agent. Let's dive in together...

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In this course I will be answering the following questions:

How to find a photo rep?

How much commission does a photo rep take?

What do photo reps look for?

How to find photo reps in the U.S.?

What does a photo rep do?

Where to find photo reps?

Photo rep listings

How do I get a photography agent?

What is in a photography agency contract?

How much do photo reps make?

Do photographers need agents?

What is a photo rep and what do they do?

How do you contact a photo rep?

How to join a photography agency

Photography agents and reps.

Why Learn from Me?

I started my own photography representation agency in 2016 and represented commercial photographers and hair and make up artists for five years. I now help commercial artists attract agents and I mentor other photo reps and agents in my consulting business.

I have worked as a rep, commercial photographer, ad agency art buyer and photography consultant collaborating with agents, photo reps, and photography agencies of all kinds for over 20 years.

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