Newsletter Tips for Commercial Photographers

Last week on my Free Friday Office Hours on Clubhouse, we talked about newsletters and I did a live review. Click here to listen to the replay.

Newsletters reviewed:

Stephen Austin Welch

Nikk Rich

Ryan Handt

Teresa Meier


- Understand what your goal is for each newsletter. What action do you want your readers to take? Is that clearly defined in your newsletter? Is there a bold (easy to see and act on) call to action? Buttons are more likely to be engaged with than copy links.

- Make sure your name/logo/location is clear at the top of your newsletter. Does the reader understand who you are and what you do from the start? Stephen also had a great idea of including his title after his name in the “From” field of his emails, i.e.  From: Stephen Austin Welch, Photographer & Director

- Keep it simple. Include one or two different projects, anywhere from 3-10 images. See my previous post with examples of great newsletters here. Make sure your newsletter is well designed, try not to over do it with too many different fonts, colors, or emojis.

- Be true to your authentic voice but always keep your messaging positive.

- Include all of your links at the bottom of the email: website, email address, social media links, phone number, etc. 

Many more nuggets of advice in the replay, listen here.

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