Email Promos for Photographers

Many of you have been asking me for samples of great email promotions by photographers. Email is an important way of reaching out to potential clients and staying in touch. I recommend sending personal email introductions as a first touch point, and then following up every 2-3 months with new work, or sending quarterly newsletters. Monthly emails are acceptable if you have new and great work to share.

Don’t forget to include a newsletter sign up somewhere on your website. I also put a sign up link in my email signature and in my Instagram links. Grab those addys!

If you are looking for design inspiration, I recommend signing up for the newsletters of your favorite photographers and reps but also the brands and stores that you love and want to work with. Email platforms like MailChimp and Squarespace have design templates, samples and loads of advice. 

Here are some of my favorite email promos, and I’ll keep adding to this post as I find new ones:

Above, one of my favorites by photographer Leslie Grow. The photography and color story are beautiful. The copy is short and simple and she is letting her clients know what she is able to do safely (and beautifully) in her home studio (problem solving!). I think this is the perfect amount of images as well. Leslie designed this promo herself using MailChimp.

I love the design of this email by photographer Jennifer Chong (also created with MailChimp). It’s clean with a good number of images and looks professionally designed. The copy is short, positive, and solution focused.

Sarah Laird & Good Company Summer Newsletter - I love that they call their newsletters ”The Good Newsletter.” They are always upbeat, packed full of beautiful images, and they do a great job of incorporating motion directly into the page. Motion is always a bonus!


I’m a huge fan of the Create & Cultivate newsletter design.

Another beautiful newsletter by photographer Elizabeth Rudge

I love this newsletter archive with Evi Abeler

Gorgeously designed Digital Magazine by Poppy Creative Agency.

Dreamy email promo by Natasha Lee.

Emily Hawkes Fresh Work email promo.

FUZE Reps newsletter using emma.

Want to learn more about newsletters and email marketing for photographers? Check out my new Masterclass! I’ve included scripts, how to find art producer’s and photo editor’s email addresses, and a full 12-month marketing calendar!

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