Feeling Overwhelmed in your Business?

Last week in my Free Friday Office Hours on Clubhouse we had a great discussion about overcoming overwhelm in business. Feeling like that spinning wheel of death that pops up when you have too many programs or browser tabs open on your computer? When was the last time you rebooted yourself?

How to tackle overwhelm:

1. Prioritize your tasks. I love to color code my to-do’s on fluorescent mini Post-It notes. Hot Pink: ASAP/do it today! Chartreuse: Eat The Frog (labor and attention-intensive tasks that should be done first thing in the morning while my focus is sharp.) Gold: the fun stuff. 

2. Eliminate tasks. Ask yourself, do I really need to write another blog? Can I delegate some of these tasks to someone else? There’s nothing more refreshing than crossing out a task in defiance of ever having thought it was necessary.

3. Prioritize play. I’m not talking about taking a bubble bath or lying on the couch, although those things are great. I’m talking about putting actual fun on your to-do list. If we are only ever accomplishing tasks, we’re not making room for divine inspiration. Blocking time for fun on your calendar is just as critical as blocking time to send marketing emails. If the critical mind is always churning, there’s no space for problem solving or for new ideas to hatch. Make roller skating with friends a hot pink Post-it.

4. Set boundaries. With yourself, with your partner, with your clients. Ask your mother-in-law to watch the kids, tell your client, no, I actually can’t retouch 10 additional images that we never agreed on by 5pm today, set an alarm for you to get off of Tik-Toc after 30 minutes. Whatever you need to do, you know what it is.

If you are unable to do these things, ask yourself, why? Part of self-care is figuring out why you are in the habit of overwhelm. Yes, it’s a habit. 

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