Consulting Services Terms & Conditions

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for trusting me to advise you, it is an honor. By paying for services you agree to the following terms and conditions:

• All consultations and services are mutually confidential*. I will not share your personal or business information without prior consent, and I ask that you do not share any of my business information that is not already public, nor any consulting notes, fees, or documents. (*Unless mutually agreed upon in advance or in the case of a live or group recorded event that may be distributed on my website, YouTube, or other electronic or social media platform.)

• Payments for services are due at the time of booking in order to hold the date requested.

• Bookings may be cancelled or rescheduled by me if payment is not made within 48 hours of the selected date.

• Payments are non-refundable.

• I understand that schedules need to be flexible, and I am happy to reschedule your appointment if something comes up during the time that we have booked. (This does not apply to group workshops and events.)

• Let’s respect each other’s schedules and notify each other of changes or cancellations as soon as possible but no less than 48 hours in advance of our scheduled time whenever possible. If you need to cancel within the 24 hour window, please call or send a text to (917) 548-0512.

• Cancellation/Rebooking fee of $50 will be invoiced on cancellations or rebooking within a 24 hour window of the consultation appointment time. No-show fee is 100% - if you fail to show up for your scheduled consultation, a refund will not be provided and rebooking will be at my discretion.

• Pre-paid services must be scheduled/completed within one year of the original payment.

• By scheduling a consultation or service with me, you agree to be included in my email newsletter mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time and I will never share your information with any party other than what is necessary to facilitate my own advertising or mailing list service.

• By using my website or participating in any events, products or services, you agree to my  Privacy Policy and in some cases may be asked to sign a waiver prior to initiating service.

• It is expected that attendees of group events arrive on time and (when virtual) make every effort to be in an environment without distractions and remain muted unless requested. Participants are expected to be kind, supportive and maintain a positive attitude during group conversations as well as in any chat or comments areas. Any disruption or harassment (as defined by the host) will not be tolerated and those participating in disruption or harassment may be removed from the event without refund. Participants are also expected to keep event details, comments and other participant information private unless requested or publicly shared. All group events are intended to be an equitable and safe space for all genders (and non-binary), experience levels, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

• The information provided on this website, in my marketing materials, on my blog and social media, and during consulting meetings does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal nor medical advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site and in my services are for general informational purposes only. I make no guarantee that my services nor advice will result in any enhancement of your business or mental health. I cannot guarantee the outcome of coaching efforts and/or recommendations provided on my website/blog/email/coaching sessions and my comments about the outcome are expressions of my opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the products and services purchased as described. By using my services, you specifically agree that I shall not be liable for any harm or damage to you or your business.

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