I started photographing my girlfriends in college while studying fashion design. I moved to NYC to pursue a career in fashion photography but it became too intimate and personal to reconcile it as a commercial pursuit. I realized that I was most satisfied with the unscripted images that told a real story. I had captured with my girlfriends images that reflected my own personality and self-expression.

Creating moments with these strong, beautiful women, who have impacted my life so profoundly, became an entrance into my own personal nirvana. I felt a heavy contentment from shooting to editing, and a calming reassurance that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.

Returning to the images brings me back to the time when the photos were taken: of the complicated tangle of youth and feminism, of conspiratorial secrets, of intoxicated nights. This labor of love ultimately strung the images together and holds them close as Girlfriends.  

Edited by Lesley Nowlin

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