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  1. Live Instagram Reviews

    2021-07-29 20:42:43 UTC

    Last week on my Free Friday Office Hours  on Clubhouse I did live reviews of photographer’s Instagram pages, listen to the replay here. Follow along here: @ruthyaro @simonsaltphoto @armonthephotographer @bry_photo @sarahjake @loganrobertsonphoto @edibleartphotography @noemiscavophotography @genparkerphoto

  2. Does anyone look at source books anymore?

    2019-06-30 19:52:12 UTC

    I get this question all the time, is it worth the money to be in a photography or illustration source book?  I’ve seen source books go the way of phone books, sad stacks of dead trees unopened from their packaging filling the recycling bins of ad agencies across the country.…

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