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  1. Exploring Subconscious Intelligence for Creative Expansion

    2024-02-06 20:03:35 UTC

    In my hypnotherapy work, I usually begin by guiding my clients to a safe place created by their imagination. It’s a basecamp where the mind can return at any point in the subconscious journey, a staging area that provides a beautiful and secure space to rest and acclimate before ascending…

  2. My Top 10 Growth Hacks for Business & Life

    2023-06-14 19:23:00 UTC

    When i’m sitting in my office, alone, trying to figure out my next move it can be daunting, often futile. Can you relate? That’s when I go to my go-to growth hacks, and today I’m sharing them with you!  These are my 10 favorite business growth hacks: 1. Reading,…

  3. Are your androgens affecting your business?

    2023-04-04 22:47:27 UTC

    I moved to New York City when I was 24 years old. I wore combat boots, smoked lots of cigarettes, and spent most of my time photographing rockstars. I was free of my religious southern upbringing and no one was around to tell me to ”wear something colorful!” Gag! 💀I…

  4. Energetic Marketing

    2021-11-11 17:07:17 UTC

    What is Energetic Marketing? Our clients can sense our energy not only through face-to-face interactions but also in our print and digital marketing, the tone of our voice, the tone of our copy and so much more. I recorded a short podcast about this subject (about 8 minutes long), listen

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