A List of Female Photographers

(photo by Kristen Wrzesniewski)

Links to discover female photographers and visual artists:

Trove Artist Management (all-female roster of photographers and stylists)

GirlGaze (digital media company that promotes GenZ female photographers and directors) 

Alreadymade (a list of female professional advertising photographers) This website may not work in Firefox.

F Collective (a list of female photographers in advertising)

Women Photograph (female visual journalists, women photojournalists)

Reclaim (diverse photojournalists)

A list of Female Wildlife Photographers

Erin Patrice O’Brien’s long list of female photographers (broken up by specialty at the end of the article, 2013)

Black Women Photographers - National Geographic (2017 feature)

Diversify.photo (photographers of color)

A Photo Editor (photography blog that features male and female photographers)

Format (a feature on women photographers from 2017)

Found Artists (photography directory with male and female photographers and other talent)

Workbook (photography directory with male and female photographers and other talent)

Production Paradise (international photography directory with male and female photographers and other talent)

Wonderful Machine (production company and photography directory with male and female photographers and other talent)

ArtPil 30 Under 30 Female photographers (2018 listing of women photographers)

Time - Women in photography 2017 (2017 feature on women in photography)

British Journal of Photography - Women to Watch 2018

ACN Studio (photo agency with all women photographers)

FREE THE BID (A directory of female cinematographers)

Please email me if you would like a link added to this list.

Personal Favorites:

Tania Quintanilla (fashion and beauty photographer, New York, Austin, Texas)

Kristen Wrzesniewski (portraits, documentary photographer, San Francisco)

Alicia Stepp (fashion, kids and lifestyle photographer, Dallas, Texas)

LeAnn Mueller (portraits, music, editorial, Texas, Los Angeles)

Deun Ivory (portraits, fashion, influencer, illustration)

Sinden Collier (fashion and fine art)

Maxine Helfman (portraits, fashion, still life)

Buff Strickland (food, travel, lifestyle, Texas)

Alison Roberto (photographer and video director, Los Angeles)

Brook Pifer (lifestyle, fashion)

Lauren Pusateri (lifestyle, product, pets, Kansas City, MO)

Tosca Radigonda (lifestyle, kids, Austin, Texas)

Shanna Hickman (food, still life photographer, Texas)

Melissa Bunni Elian (documentary, portraits)

Naima Green (documentary, portraits)

Ryann Ford (interiors photography, Texas)

Melina Matsoukas (director)

Bee Walker (portraits, street photographer)

Christin Rose (sports, lifestyle, fashion)

Danielle Atkins (food, portraits)

Stephanie Todaro (kids, lifestyle, Los Angeles)

Denise Crew (lifestyle, portraits, kids)

Heather Sten (portraits)

Christina Gandolfo (portraits, lifestyle)

Taili Song Roth (Celebrity portraits, lifestyle, Los Angeles)

Celeste Sloman (portraits, editorial)

Emily Andrews (portraits, lifestyle, interiors)

Liz Nemeth (lifestyle, food)

Laurie Rubin (lifestyle, food)

Anja Niemi (fine art photographer)

Lesley Nowlin Blessing (fine art photographer)

Christa Blackwood (fine art photographer)

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