Melanie, 1995

06 Jul 2014, Posted by Amy V. Cooper in Art, Girlfriends, Photography

Amy V. Cooper Girlfriends Project

The 1990s. Black and floral Betsey Johnson dresses. Innocence completely lost. Perfectly lined cat eyes. Bats, cats, combat boots. Cigarettes. Really cheap wine and perfect lips. I really regret not having taken a million more photos of Melanie but she disappeared soon after I got my first camera.

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Laura Ann, 2009

20 Mar 2014, Posted by Amy V. Cooper in Girlfriends, Photography

Girlfriends Project

I hadn’t thought too much of this frame when I first shot it in 2009.  After taking a second look during my Girlfriends edit, this image became one of my favorites and the first one I printed for myself. Laura said she thought this shoot may have helped her land a role in a vampire move. Mission accomplished.

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Highlights from the 2014 Texas Photo Roundup

15 Mar 2014, Posted by Amy V. Cooper in News

You can read my review of the great social media panel I attended at the 2014 Texas Photo Roundup over here.

During Roundup week I also attended my first Slideluck Potshow in Austin featuring a lot of documentary work. One particular video about an Iraq war veteran and his family by Kelly West was very emotional for me, you can watch it on Vimeo here.

On a lighter note, Amy Stevens’ project, Confections, was a hilarious, wedding-cake-inspiring and much needed comic relief.

I also attended the Larry Fink lecture hosted by Austin Center for Photography. More on that over on my Facebook page. If you are not already a member of ACP, I highly recommend it, every event that they host is fantastic. Their next Icons of Photography lecture is Martin Parr on June 24th.

Congrats to the Roundup crew on another great year in Texas.

Dance Party.

25 Feb 2014, Posted by Amy V. Cooper in Girlfriends

Many thanks to my multi-talented friend, Brian Williams, for the video, and to Feathers for loaning me this track from their awesome new EP.

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Erin, 1996

19 Feb 2014, Posted by Amy V. Cooper in Girlfriends

Amy V. Cooper Girlfriends Project

I couldn’t find Erin, but I’m not sure if that was really surprising. She was always fairly quiet, private, and a little bit mysterious. But then, aren’t they all?

I don’t think I’ve seen her in 15 years. I barely remember taking this photo. What I remember about Erin is her laugh, her accent. I remember her short strawberry blonde hair – which was often wet when she rolled in to early morning classes. We both studied fashion design at LSU. We spent a lot of late-nights together sewing, draping, and smoking cigarettes with Radka (like vodka).

We graduated on the same day. Erin left for New Orleans and I left for New York.


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Kristina, 2006

17 Jan 2014, Posted by Amy V. Cooper in Girlfriends, Photography

Amy V. Cooper Girlfriends Project


I get really quiet when I shoot. Actually, I’m pretty quiet most of the time, it’s not my strongest asset as a photographer. Kristina used to come assist me on studio shoots when I needed her. She could chat up anyone, anywhere. She was my wing man, and you can thank her for my Chris Cornell images.

I was a little nervous to meet Kristina for the first time because I knew she was going to be a lot like me (except for the quiet part).

After chatting on a band message board back in 2001, we decided to meet up at a rock show in Times Square. We became fast and furious friends, shooting bands together on a regular basis for several years. She and I were the two tiny raven haired girls in the pit, insured by and endeared to many New Jersey club peacekeepers. Although, on occasion we would get blindly tackled by body guards and crowd surfers.

Bruising aside, Kristina was a true partner in crime, (still) a friend, a talisman and a custodian. I think it’s pretty obvious in this photo, she could show you some magic. If you ever see us together, get ready for some stories.


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