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2019 12-month Marketing Calendar & Strategy Guide

$99.00 USD


A single-license 12-month* Marketing Calendar Guide (pdf) and monthly email reminders, encouragement and additional guidance to help you plan and stick with a marketing strategy for the year. This package is best for photographers, illustrators, and other creatives seeking to market their services in the advertising industry.

Throughout my years of working as a photographer, editor, and art buyer in the advertising industry, I've learned quite a bit about the best times and methods for marketing creative services. I've organized that information in an easy to follow guide which you can customize for your own business.

I will be emailing you at the beginning of each month with reminders, encouragement, and loads of advice on how to market your business, including content exclusive to this bundle.

Also, as a part of this package, you are welcome to email me any questions you might have about your promos, strategies, dream clients, whatever you need help with, or a second pair of eyes on.

I'll be your personal business advice columnist, right here, rooting you on throughout the year!

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Please be sure to include your email address with your payment!

*This guide begins January 2019 and ends December 2019. No matter when you purchase the guide, you will have access to all 12 months of content. Please allow 24-48 hours for content delivery.


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